Browns have big expectations for upcoming season



The upstart Browns will kick off training camp Thursday with expectations not seen in Cleveland in decades.  General manager John Dorsey and head coach Freddie Kitchens are embracing the enormous expectations.

“I want everybody to understand this: Our goal here with the Cleveland Browns, as long as I’m here, will always be to win the Super Bowl,” Kitchens said Wednesday, when asked if the expectations might be too much for a franchise with the longest playoff drought in the NFL. “Just know and make it a given that that’s what I believe to my core, is to win the Super Bowl.”

Two years ago, when the Browns went 0-16, such a goal not only would’ve been unthinkable, but now are a popular choice to with the AFC North.

My job is to get (Kitchens) as many good football players as I possibly can,” said Dorsey “With the talent that this coaching staff has in terms of developing young men, I have no problem with trying to achieve that goal.”

That hype led the Browns to sell out of training camp tickets in a matter of hours last month.

“I think training camp, to me, it’s a chance for this organization, and its fan base, to see what kind of team we have,” Dorsey said. “We’ll find out what this team is about at the end of training camp.”

The team is still merely just expectations, big as they are right now. They believe they have the means on the field to meet them.

“I’ll never be scared to talk about what our goal is,” Kitchens said. “I want them to have that goal. But I want them to understand how they get there. And it’s not by talking about it. And it’s not by predicting.

“I also don’t want them to be scared to go get it.”

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